Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Lake Ridge, VA

If you have problems with the heating & air conditioning in your Lake Ridge, VA home, call Turner’s Service Company to get things working again fast. Our staff all know that you need all of the systems in your home to work well for you, so you can focus on living the life you’ve built for yourself. That’s why we will always work hard to ensure that we get to you quickly, diagnose your problem accurately, and implement the best possible fix.

Heating & Air Conditioning

We offer comprehensive HVAC services, so there’s no problem too big or small for us. We perform everyday maintenance and repairs, and we also design compelling solutions to complex HVAC problems. You can rely on us to get to you on time, listen to your questions, and get the job done as efficiently as possible. Our HVAC services include:

  • Air conditioning repair. When it comes to your A/C, you need things to work well. It can get warm in Lake Ridge, VA, and we don’t want you to suffer without your air conditioner. Our experts will come to you fast, perform whatever repairs need to be done and get the cool air flowing for you again.
  • Air conditioning service. Regular air conditioning maintenance, or service, can help your A/C function longer, and it can save you money, too. Some air conditioner warranties even require service once or twice a year in

Plumbing Services

You can also turn to us for assistance with any kind of plumbing services in Lake Ridge. Our team of experts can come to your aid to fix, maintain, or replace any part of your property’s septic system and ensure that everything is working in good order. From plumbing installations to plumbing repairs, we can take care of whatever you need done with your pipes, drains, fixtures, or appliances.

Emergency Service

Your HVAC needs won’t always happen between 9 and 5 on a weekday, and we understand that. We also understand that, sometimes, you need help whenever the problem occurs. That’s why we have emergency HVAC services available whenever the need arises. That’s right…there’s someone standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during holidays. We’ll handle everything.

If you want to call a home service company that has been trusted by many in Lake Ridge, VA for years, ring us up. We’d love to show you why so many of your friends and neighbors recommend Turner’s!

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