Turner’s Service Co Testimonials

I called your company for a second opinion. Masters was the company that told me we needed a new heat pump and was on the verge of a total breakdown.

I called your company and Greg came out to check the system. I was very happy to know that the system did not need it replaced. Greg did recommend we replace the connector and we did. I was extremely happy with the honesty of your company. I will definitely call you for all my heating and air conditioning needs. I will also recommend your company to all my neighbors.

Thank You!

D. Fox

This is a note of appreciation to Turner’s Service Company for the excellent HVAC services they recently performed in my home. Since generic accolades are so easy to toss around, I think a few specifics make it easier for an average person to understand why I am taking the time to write this note. This house is about 7 years old with 2 HVAC systems. One is in the attic and one in the basement. Even though I have had a service contract on both systems with one of Turners competitors for this entire period, I have had performance issues with them literally every year. When I cut the A/C units on for the first time this spring and found that neither was working, my wife and I decided that enough was enough and decided to finally explore repair and/or replacement alternatives. I solicited quotes from several companies including Turner’s, who had been recommended to us. After evaluating prices, products, service, etc., we decided that Turner’s looked to be the one that provided the best value, so we signed the contract with them. What a great decision!

Up to the actual time of installation, Turner’s was still working with the manufacturer on our behalf, attempting to either obtain better prices or system upgrades. Installation experience was non intrusive and event free. The installation crew was, to the man, knowledgeable, well spoken, friendly and sharp in appearance. In other words, they were professional. They examined everything in detail including the attic, vents and ductwork. Through this examination they found multiple efficiency issues including gaping holes where my vents intersect the ducts. These items were apparently overlooked by the previous service contract company for years. Appropriate repairs were made and the units were installed on time and without a hitch.

My wife and I feel that Turner’s:

  1. Is a family oriented organization that seems to adhere to traditional values.
  2. Is a very professional company from the owner to the front office to the crews. They answer all questions in detail and volunteer information and ideas where appropriate.
  3. Not only does quality work but provides a very neat and clean end product.
  4. Stands behind their word. No surprises, hidden costs, or nickel and diming you to death.
  5. Is easy to contact both before and after the work in completed.
  6. Is very competitive in price.
  7. Obviously works hard making sure all representatives understand customer service.

In conclusion, we feel that Turner’s Service Company is a keeper. They exceeded our expectations by a long shot and we will recommend them to everyone we know. For all that may read this note, please do yourself a favor and give Turner’s a call. You’ll be happy you did.


Dear Mr. Turner:

On rare occasions, too rare in fact, the opportunity arises to cite someone foroutstanding service. That opportunity presented on 5 April 2012 when Charlie arrived for our cooling system’s annual service.

During his service call, Charlie impressed us with outstanding technical expertise coupled with outstanding personal traits. Technical issues were explained clearly and concisely in such a manner that demonstrated a well-spring of knowledge. Further explanations were rendered with great courtesy and patience not unlike that chronicled of

Job. Sometimes he even managed to sprinkle in a bit of humor, which serves well in almost every circumstance. Delivering customer satisfaction was showcased in every way and was obviously of the utmost importance to him, explaining to us in great detail that our system is mechanically sound and has been restored to peak efficiency.

Perhaps the most noteworthy observation of all was Charlie’s loyalty and maturity. Without question he was keenly aware that he stood squarely between owner and home owner and relished being cast in that position — prepared to experience credit or criticism from either. Moreover, Charlie continually projected a positive attitude — conspicuous by its silence yet speaking volumes — that both would experience a win-win situation.

Over the years, this has been typical of the service rendered us by Charlie. By so doing, Charlie not only reflects great credit upon himself but upon Turner Service Company as well.