Low Level CO Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detector Services Manssas, VA

This information is for customers who recently purchased a low-level CO detector.


Your detector is designed to provide the consumer with very, very early warnings of the presence of Carbon Monoxide, thereby eliminating the PANIC and the need for and immediate call to 911 for a trip to the hospital, and far too often the need for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. This CO Detector is designed to put you in control of, not at the mercy of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

What you need to know about your Detector

Warning Levels:
0 to 6 ppm – No Warnings
7 to 24 ppm – 1 series of 4×4 beeps once a minute
25 to 34 ppm – 1 series of 4×4 beeps every 30 seconds
35 to 49 ppm – 1 series of 4×4 beeps every 20 seconds
50 to 69 ppm – 1 series of 4×4 beeps every 10 seconds
70ppm & Higher – 1 series of 4×4 beeps every 6 seconds

What you need to do if the alarm goes off:

(In all cases depress the Hush Button for 8 seconds to silence alarm)

Check Display

Display shows:

000 – No response needed, inform Frederick Air
7 to 24 ppm – Hush alarm, monitor closely and inform Frederick Air
25 to 49 ppm – Hush alarm, open windows and immediately call Frederick Air
50 to 70 ppm – Hush alarm, immediately call Frederick Air, watch display closely

If display rises to 90 ppm, call 911, exit at once & move to fresh air.