hvac services fairfax vaAir Conditioning & Heating Services in Fairfax, VA

Are you looking for some help with your A/C or heating systems in Fairfax? Have you been holding off on air conditioning repair in Fairfax because you’re not sure who to call? Or maybe you’re afraid of the cost of repair and maintenance.

Instead of worrying, call us at Turner’s Service. We would love to help you take care of your home. Whether you need HVAC repairs or heating or air conditioning maintenance, we’ll get the job done fast so you can get back to your normal schedule.

  • Air conditioning repair in Fairfax. You can’t live well for long in Fairfax without air conditioning. We’ll get your A/C running well again so you can stay cool during the hot summers that Fairfax has to offer. As soon as you notice a problem with your A/C, call us up and we’ll come out and fix it for you.
  • Air conditioning maintenance. Maintaining your A/C can help it last longer and run better over the years. We’ll do a visual inspection, install any filters that you have, and test all of the components to make sure they’re running according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If anything needs repair, we’ll get it done for you quickly and efficiently.
  • Furnace repair and maintenance. You need your heater to run well when it’s cold in Fairfax. We’ll get our heating repair in Fairfax complete as soon as possible, so you don’t get too cold at home. Just like with your A/C, regular furnace maintenance can help keep things running well for longer. Call to get on our schedule today.
  • Air duct cleaning. Are you concerned about your air quality in Fairfax? We’ll clean out your air ducts and treat them so mold, mildew, bacteria, and other things can’t grow in them. We’ll get as much of the dust, debris, and allergens out as possible so you and your family can breathe deeply at home once again. Call to schedule your air duct cleaning in Fairfax today!

Emergency HVAC Service

Heating and air conditioning problems often show up when it’s inconvenient. It might be in the middle of the night, over a long weekend, or even on a holiday. If this happens to you, don’t worry. We have technicians standing by no matter what day or time it is, waiting to help you out. Call us as soon as you notice a problem and we’ll get to you fast.

Whenever you need emergency HVAC service in Fairfax, VA or regular service, call us at Turner’s. We would love to help you live and work better in this fine city.