Ductless Mini Split AC Services in Manassas

Mini split AC systems are one of the latest inventions in the air conditioning industry. These models are designed for convenience and to be energy efficient while working to keep places cool. Homeowners and business owners in Manassas who have ductless mini split air conditioners, or are interested in getting one, can turn to Turner’s Service Co. for help. We offer all types of air conditioning services in Manassas including repair and installation services and can make sure you have a fully functioning mini split AC serving your property. Call us today for more details!

Mini Split AC Installation

mini split air conditioning installation ductless air conditioning repair

If you have heard about ductless mini split air conditioners and are interested in having one installed at your property, we are the team to call. Our staff of HVAC professionals can provide you with details about how mini split AC units work and what their differences and benefits are compared to traditional cooling systems.

Ductless mini split ACs offer the advantage of being small and compact, and rather than one large appliance you have small units that can cool rooms individually. This also means that you are not wasting cool air because you can control which rooms of the property are being cooled, which means you save energy and money in Manassas.

Mini Split AC Repair Service

We are also available to do mini split AC repairs if your property is already outfitted with one but it is broken or malfunctioning. In no time at all, our staff can surely get things fixed and working again. We can perform an in-depth examination of the appliance to try to figure out why it is acting up, and once we have those details we can come up with a plan for fixing it. Our AC service experts work diligently to remediate problems and reinstate the comfort for our customers in Manassas cool air, so that they don’t have to sweat and suffer.

Services in Manassas for Mini Split AC Units

Property owners in Manassas can turn to the HVAC technicians at Turner’s Service Co. for help with all things involving mini split ACs. Our staff has extensive training and experience and offers top-tier service no matter what you call us out for. We are here to help with repairs, installation, or whatever else you need. Call one of our air conditioning service technicians whenever you need assistance, or schedule an appointment online now!