Air Conditioning Repair Services in Manassas, VA

Are you looking for a professional, licensed air conditioning contractor in Manassas who can get your A/C working again? Look no further than Turner’s Service. We specialize in A/C repair in Manassas and we would love to help you live better. We’ll come to you quickly, because we don’t want you to suffer in the heat. Once we’re there, we’ll get your A/C fixed fast so you don’t get too hot at home this summer.

We offer a complete line of air conditioning service in Manassas. No matter what you need when it comes to your A/C, we have you covered. Just give us a call and we’ll be there soon, ready to help you out. We’ll handle your A/C maintenance, installation, and more!

When is it Time for Air Conditioning Repair in Manassas?

If your air conditioner is completely dead, call us right away. After all, it gets hot enough in Manassas to be dangerous so we’ll get to you fast.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t that clear. You can call us before your air conditioner dies. We’ll come out and try to get your A/C repair in Manassas completed before that happens. That way, you’ll never be without the cold air you need to keep you comfortable during those hot summer days. Look for:

  • Unusual sounds emanating from your A/C.
  • An A/C that blows lukewarm air.
  • An A/C that either runs all the time or turns off and on very rapidly.
  • Leaks around your outdoor A/C unit.
  • A thermostat that you have to keep turning down just to stay cool.

Whenever you have any of these problems, contact us at Turner’s Service right away. We’ll send out a licensed air conditioning contractor in Manassas to figure out what is going wrong. Our tech will start by talking to you about the problems you’re experiencing, so we can be sure we know exactly what we’re looking for. Then we’ll take a look at the unit itself and test it until we find out what’s wrong.

Once we know what’s wrong, we usually know the solution right away, too. We’ll talk you through it, as well as through any options you might have. Then we’ll get to work on your air conditioning repair in Manassas right away.

Before you know it, you’ll have your A/C back, working better than ever. We’ll test it before we leave and ask you to test it, too, just to ensure that it’s working to your specifications. If not, we’ll keep working on your A/C repair in Manassas until you are satisfied.

Call Turner’s Service for all of your needs surrounding air conditioning service in Manassas. We’ll get your repair done or help you get a new A/C and we’ll do it as soon as we can so you and your family can stay comfortable at home. Make your appointment today! We look forward to meeting you and to helping you love your life in Manassas, click here to make your appointment!