Water Heater Replacement

Is it time for a water heater replacement? Maybe you contacted us at Turner’s Service for water heater repair and we told you that we think you need a water heater replacement instead. Or possibly you are tired of dealing with an ancient water heater and you want one with the best technology.

Your reason for getting a hot water heater replacement doesn’t matter because we’ll help give you a great experience throughout the process.

How Do I Know if it’s Time for a Water Heater Replacement?

Plumber performing water heater replacement in manassas va

Not sure if now is the time for a hot water heater replacement? Here are some signs that you should consider replacing an older unit with a newer one.

  • You need water heater repairs that cost more than a new heater. Since water heaters are relatively inexpensive items, it’s often a better choice to replace yours than it is to pay for an expensive repair.
  • Your water heater is getting old. If your current water heater is above 10 years old, you may want to replace it rather than fix it. In fact, you may want to replace it even if it isn’t broken, just to avoid the stress that comes when you lose your hot water.
  • You want a different kind of water heater. Have you been thinking about replacing your gas water heater with a tankless one? Now might be the time for you and your family to take that step.
  • You want to save more money on hot water. If your old water heater doesn’t work efficiently, it might be time to upgrade to an energy-efficient model. We can help you find one that will lower your water bills each month!

Choose the Best Water Heater for Your Home

When you decide to get a water heater replacement, make sure you contact our expert plumbers. They will help match your needs with one of the superb, reliable water heaters that we have in stock. The process includes considering the following items:

  • The kind of water heater you want. Do you want a tankless water heater replacement or a gas water heater replacement? Or do you prefer using electricity to run your water heater?
  • The size of your house. Larger houses usually need larger water heaters.
  • The number of people who live in your house. If you have a lot of people bathing at the same time, you’ll want a bigger water heater.
  • Your hot water usage patterns. Do you often need hot water for multiple appliances at once or do you tend to run them individually

When we know what you need, we’ll match you with a water heater that will be great in your home and that will last for many years. We can install it, too, and we’ll test it before we leave your home, just to ensure that everything is working well!

Call us at Turner’s Service today for help getting a gas water heater replacement, a tankless water heater replacement, or a different type of new unit!