Heating Maintenance Manassas, VA

Many homeowners neglect heating maintenance in Manassas, VA because they don’t realize how important it is. Fortunately, our heating service pros can do your heating maintenance for you. Just call Turner’s Service Co. and we’ll get on it soon!

We’ll make sure your entire heating system is running well so that you can trust it the next time you need it. Let us take on the hassle of heating maintenance with our skill and expertise so you don’t have to feel anxious anymore.

Why Choose Turner’s for Your Heater Tune Up

At Turner’s, we have professional HVAC technicians who specialize in heating tune-ups in Manassas. They know exactly what to test and what to look for when it comes to making sure that your heating system is working exactly the way it should. In fact, they are experienced in dealing with anything that can come up during a heater tune-up in Manassas. They will be able to give you good information about how your system is functioning and what you can do to keep it working well.

Benefits of Heater Maintenance

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to get a heating tune-up in Manassas at least once a year. Sure, tune-ups might seem like an unnecessary expense, but they can actually help you and your family live better in several important ways:

  • Save money. When you get a heater tune-up in Manassas, you’re basically paying someone to make your heater work better. A well-functioning heater is one that works efficiently, using as little energy as possible to heat your home. When you are using less energy, you’ll pay less in utility costs. Heating tune-ups can actually lower your utility bills significantly.
  • Make your heater last. Heaters are designed to have certain parts maintained regularly. When you perform this maintenance, the heater can continue to work well. When maintenance gets neglected, the heater may struggle to do its job well. Over time, this can cause extra wear and tear on your unit, when can then cause your heater to break sooner than it would have if it had been properly maintained.
  • Find out about problems. Sometimes, heaters have problems but still continue to function as if they don’t. When you find these problems early, like during an HVAC tune-up, you can take care of them before they cause your heater to break down. This can save you the time and headache of an emergency heating issue, and it can also help your heater to last longer.
  • Maintain your warranty. If you have a relatively new heater that is still under warranty, it may be even more important for you to get regular tune-ups. Some heater manufacturers require regular tune-ups in order to keep your heater under warranty. We will always perform maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications so that your warranty will remain valid.

Our Heater Tune Up Process

Every time we do heating maintenance in Manassas, we’ll go through the following steps. We hope we leave you feeling sure that your heater will keep you warm this winter!

  • We’ll visually inspect your heating system. This involves looking over your heater, along with any ducts, wires and gas lines that we can see, and more.
  • We’ll replace any filters you have. Some systems have one, others have several, and others have even more. We’ll find them and replace them if they need it.
  • We’ll clean out your system. Most heating systems have places where dust and debris can collect. This can make it harder for the system to work because it has to push or pull all the air through extra layers. We’ll remove them so your system can work efficiently again.
  • We’ll test every component. If we find something that isn’t working up to the manufacturer’s specifications, we’ll replace it or repair it so your heating system can work optimally.

Manassas Heating Maintenance Pros

When it comes to heating maintenance in Manassas, VA, the skilled HVAC technicians at Turner’s are as good as they come. Schedule your heater tune-up today or call us before you plan to turn on your heater for the winter. We’ll make sure it’s all in great working order so you don’t have to worry about heating outages or other problems when winter blows in.

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