What Is Duct Cleaning?

The staff at Turner’s offers air duct cleaning as part of our premier AC services. Duct cleaning involves using professional-grade equipment to clear the ductwork and vents of your HVAC system of any dirt, debris, dust, or contaminants that are stuck in there and being blown around your home or business. Many property owners don’t even know that they have poor indoor air quality being caused by the air conditioning system itself. Having your ducts regularly cleaned can help to combat this problem and keep the air inside pure and clean.

Why Duct Cleaning is Important

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The air inside your property could be filled with dust and tiny particles without you even realizing it. By having air duct cleaning performed, you can improve your home’s indoor air quality, and make sure you are not putting yourself or your family members at risk. The process is designed to clear out the ductwork at your property and rid it of all the dirt and dust that gets trapped inside and is then blown throughout the rooms when the air conditioner is turned on. It is part of the necessary HVAC system maintenance and part of being a responsible property owner.

How Air Duct Cleaning Works

Having your ducts cleaned out is part of responsible property ownership. Your property’s ductwork is prone to having dust and dirt build up, and then when the heater or air conditioner is turned on, it blows these particles through the vents and into the rooms.

Hire us for duct cleaning services, and we will make sure your system is clear of any particles and eliminate allergens and odors. It can also lead to energy savings because with clean ducts, your HVAC system does not have to work as hard.

The ductwork at your property can be looked at by a professional, and they can let you know if you are a good candidate for duct cleaning. The general rule of thumb is that you should have it performed about once a year, but depending on circumstances like where you live, how often you run the AC system, and more, it could vary. The experts on staff at Turner’s Service Co can gladly help you keep your ducts cleaned so you can feel confident that you are breathing clean air inside!

Turner’s Does Professional Duct Cleaning!

Local property owners can count on the staff at Turner’s when they need duct cleaning performed. Our staff of Manassas HVAC experts is committed to making sure you have clean air at your property. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment!

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