Prepare Your Home For 2019

home maintenance tips

The year is still brand new, which means that many of us are making resolutions to improve our lives. Most of us don’t think about it, but we should probably include some items on that list that have to do with getting our homes in great shape this year. Here are just a few things you can do.

Commit to Maintenance

A/C maintenance and furnace maintenance can go far towards keeping your home comfortable this year. Get this done at least once a year because it will help you save money and may keep you from breakdowns. Call us for a furnace and air conditioning maintenance at least once in the spring, and maybe once in the fall, too. We’ll get the dust and debris cleaned out, then test your units according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If we find problems, we’ll let you know so you can do furnace or A/C repair, too.

Do Repairs Fast

When you need air conditioning or furnace repair, don’t put it off! Even if you aren’t using your units a lot, putting off repairs can damage them and cause your energy bills to rise. Decide now that you will do what it takes to get your furnace and air conditioning repair jobs done fast.

Check Your Energy

Get a home energy audit this year to see how efficient your home is. We’ll test how much energy you are using and losing, and let you know how you could improve your usage. Using less energy isn’t just good for the planet…it’s also good for your wallet. When you don’t use as much, you won’t spend as much.

Look at Indoor Air Quality

We can also test the quality of your air inside your home. If it is poor, we can clean your vents, apply Aeroseal to your ducts, and even install an Air Scrubber Plus system to help you get the clean air you need to live healthily. 

Call us today if we can help you set your home up for success in 2019!

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