The Top Signs that You Need Furnace Repair Now

Did you know that many homeowners aren’t sure exactly when they should call us for furnace service or furnace repair? In fact, most people think that they need to be experiencing major furnace problems to justify calling in a professional. However, we can fix furnace problems that are big or small. You might want us to fix them when they’re small so they don’t become much, much bigger!

If you’re having the problems outlined below, contact Turner’s Service for furnace repair today!

You’re Too Cold at Home

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If you’re too cold at home and you’ve done everything you can think of to get warm, it’s time to give us a call because your furnace is not working the way it was designed to. Your furnace may have hidden issues or it may be struggling because it is too small for your home. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem and help you get (and stay!) warm again soon!

There’s Not Much Air Circulating

If you run your hand over your vents and there’s not all that much air coming out, it’s time to call in some help. Even if the air coming out is extremely warm, you’re going to need quite a bit of it to effectively keep your house cool. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of furnace maintenance to get everything working well again. Other times, something is broken and you’ll need a furnace repair instead. Either way, we’ll get the job done!

Your Energy Bills Keep Going Up

If you are paying more and more in energy costs during the winter and there’s no good explanation for why, chances are that your heater is not working as efficiently as it should be. Once again, all you may need is routine furnace maintenance though, sometimes, repairs are in order instead.

Your Heater Makes Unusual Sounds

If your heater is making sounds you haven’t heard before, turn it off and call Turner’s Service right away! These sounds usually indicate that something has gotten stuck in your heater or that something has broken off in there. Either way, you’ll want to fix that before the clanking objects break something else and cause even more problems.

Your Heat Doesn’t Seem to Respond to Thermostat Changes

If you turn the thermostat up but your home doesn’t get any warmer, it’s time to call in professional help. It is usually not the case that your furnace is already working as hard as it can. Most of the time, something is broken and a furnace repair is necessary to get your heat back to normal again.

Our heating experts would love to help you with furnace repairs, furnace maintenance, or another furnace service. Call us today and we’ll have an expert at your door soon!

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