INFOGRAPHIC: Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Get Your Home Ready For Winter Infographic

Inspect Insulation:

Quality insulation will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even small upgrades will save you money this season. 

  • Examine exposed ducts in the attic, basement, and crawlspaces, and plug up any leaks.
  • Insulate your pipes. Exposed pipes are prone to freezing.

Clean Your Ducts: 

Dust buildup in your ducts will negatively affect the energy usage of your home. 

  • Clean your ducts to reduce dust, allergens, mold and mildew in the home. 
  • Clean or replace the air filter in your furnace for maximum efficiency and improved air quality.

Get an Energy Audit An energy audit is the best way to identify the types of improvements that your home needs. An audit will assess things like door seals, insulation, and furnace efficiency. 

Tune-up Equipment:

Heating systems require tune-ups just like any other type of equipment. Yearly maintenance on your system can guarantee efficiency and reliability. 

  • Check PVC vent pipes for any obstructions.
  • Test your sump pump. 
  • Flush your hot water tank to remove sediment. 

So is your home ready for winter? If you completed everything on this list, then you should be all set for a safe winter without surprises! If you still need help completing any of these tasks, go ahead and call Turner’s Service Co, we will come to you and get your home ready for winter!

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