Save Energy and Money with an Energy Savings Agreement from Turner’s Service Co.

With an energy savings agreement from Turner’s Service Co., Inc., you’ll benefit from several services designed to help you save when it comes to your heating and air units. You’ll also receive exclusive discounts and service for your heating and air conditioning units.

24-hour priority service: Energy savings agreement members receive priority when they call for service to their central heating and air units. Even for emergency services, you will be moved to the front of the line – no more waiting!

Professional maintenance and tune-ups: Annual maintenance tune-ups for your air and heating units are included when you sign up for an energy savings agreement. These tune-ups help ensure performance, longevity, and the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling units.

Appointment setting service: It can be easy to forget to schedule your heating and ac units’ annual maintenance, which is why we call you to schedule, ensuring your equipment receives the attention it needs.

Product discounts: As an energy savings agreement member, you’ll receive valuable discounts anytime you purchase new heating and air units or indoor air quality equipment.

Repair warranty: Receive an extended warranty on any repair work we do on your central heating and air conditioning units.

No premium charges: When you are an energy savings agreement member, you won’t be charged our standard premium for overtime or after-hours service to your heating and cooling units. This includes emergency service.

No diagnostic fees: If you’re in need of service for your heating unit, your energy savings agreement waives any diagnostic fees when you undergo recommended repairs.

Exclusive savings: Our energy savings agreement members receive periodic money-saving coupons and offers of big savings on AC and heating systems, as well as other products.