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Humidifiers are ideal solutions for maintaining the humidity level of your home. If the humidity inside your home goes drastically down a number of problems may occur. The recommended level for the level of humidity inside your home is 45%, although in most American homes the level is actually one-fourth of the recommended level. This is one of the reasons why you need a humidifier for your whole home. Low humidity levels cause some serious problems for the house as well as the people living in the home. The dry air starts absorbing moisture from the residents and the furniture and commodities within the house leading to the following problems:

  •  Scratchy throat
  • Dry nose
  • Nose bleeding
  • Static shock
  • Itchy skin
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Cracking wood furniture

Dry air within the house not just causes minor discomfort, but also threatens your health and damages your home. Dry air may cause a variety of health issues in your family. A number of studies have shown that the activity levels of the viruses increase as the temperature and level of humidity reduces. This implies that with a low level of humidity in your home, you become more susceptible to viral infections.

However, a high level of humidity may also cause damage to your home. If the air around is too dry, things around the home start breaking. The wood starts to crack and the framings around the doors and windows start shrinking, allowing cold air inside and causing static pressure to build up. This may ruin electrical appliances. Foods may go stale faster than they normally do and musical instruments like pianos may go out of tune. All this may happen in your home if the air gets too dry.

Types of Humidifiers for your Home

Bypass humidifier: The bypass humidifier is a good choice. It utilizes the existing air handler for directing the humidified air to all the rooms in the house. The product ideally suits homes that measure up to 4000 sq ft.

Power humidifier: The power humidifier is a better option for consumers as it has a quiet inbuilt fan which works irrespective of the furnace blower. It pulls the heated air directly from the air handler blower or furnace and moves it through the water panel.

Steam humidifier: The steam humidifier is the best available option as it generates steam which is produced and introduced right into the duct work. This is a highly reliable product as it offers the highest level of performance among humidifiers of all styles and optimizes your humidification requirements.

Thus, with the help of these humidifiers, you can improve the quality of air within your home by increasing the level of moisture

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