Seal in Energy Savings with Duct Sealing from Turner’s Service Co., Inc.

Leaky duct work is a problem that affects 75% of homes in the United States. Duct leaks result in energy waste of up to 40% of a home’s total heating and cooling system energy use. Turner’s Service Co., Inc. offers a solution for this significant problem: duct sealing. Our duct sealing services help Northern Virginian homeowners eliminate energy waste through their duct systems.

Duct Leaks Hurt Your Home

When your duct system isn’t sealed tightly, you’re not in control of your comfort or energy use. Through leaking joints, broken connections, and fallen duct sections, your conditioned air is allowed to escape the system. This means it’s not arriving in your living areas and is heating and cooling the unconditioned spaces it runs through, like your attic, crawl space, or basement. When air leaks out the duct system, all the energy used by your central heating and cooling units to condition it is wasted. Leaks in the duct system also allow contaminants from these areas to enter the ducts, and eventually your living areas. Duct leaks ultimately lessen your indoor air quality and the cleanliness of your indoor areas.

Duct Sealing Offers Multiple Benefits

When homeowners undergo duct sealing services from Turner’s Service Co., Inc., they gain the many advantages that come with this energy efficiency improving project.

  • Lower utility bills
  • Even heating and cooling throughout the home
  • Quiet airflow
  • Less dust
  • Cleaner air

Choose a Professional for Duct Sealing Services

When your home has duct leaks, it’s best to hire a professional, like Turner’s Service Co., Inc. Sealing your ducts requires special compounds to close leaks. Mastics are long-lasting sealants approved for use on your ducts. If you suspect you need duct sealing services, please contact us for expert sealing. Our technicians can accurately diagnose your duct system and provide the repairs you need.
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