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Gas Furnaces

High efficiency gas furnaces are perfect for winters. The gas furnaces installed by Turner’s Service have the excellent gas heat and they are equally cost efficient as they consume very low energy. In fact, there can’t be anything more inviting than a nice warm ambience in the cold winter months provided by our gas furnaces. It is the best pick for the comfort of your family and the comfort of guests.

As homeowners you would want complete peace of mind. The last thing you would want is your heating system not functioning properly or drawing up huge electricity bills. We can assure you that in terms of efficiency and smooth functioning, our system is the best in the market. You can also be assured about your energy bills. Nor would you be burdened by heavy maintenance costs.

The best products from us are the high-quality and state-of-the-art evolution series available with 95 AFUE. They are simply top-of-the-line products and give you the perfect result in terms of the temperature functionality, and heat and humidity adjustment. Each of them has the solid promise of higher efficiency and lower energy cost. You can choose to keep the room temperature at the desired level and at the most comfortable range for your family.

Some points regarding our gas furnaces are discussed below –


  1. Only propane and natural gases are in use in our gas furnaces.
  2. Our gas furnaces have got 80% to around 96.6% AFUE.
  3. Our products come with long periods of warranty. Some of the warranties are as long as 20 years.
  4. There are three separate lines of products on sale: the Evolution series, the Legacy line and the Preferred Series. The technology used in the Evolution series has up to 73% tighter temperature control built over single stage furnaces.
  5. Our furnaces blow the air across to every corner of the room. This is possible because of the efficiently placed duct systems.
  6. You can precisely regulate the system according to your requirements.
  7. We use a sealed combustion system which prevents draft and contributes to safety and high energy efficiency of the whole system.
  8. The best lines have filter cabinets.
  9. One of the key features of a few products is the QuieTech™ noise diminution system.

Some of the products we have on sale have earned the “Consumer Digest® Best Buy™” award

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