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Energy Recovery Ventilator

The purpose of using the energy recovery ventilator is to bring in fresh air from outdoors. Since our homes are constructed with tightly sealed walls, any pollutants that are generated within the house can gather together and make the indoor air extremely unhealthy. This is why you must install the ERV or energy recovery ventilator that can exchange the stale and polluted indoor air with fresh air from outdoors. With the process of air exchange, the energy recovery ventilator or ERV system will also filter and clean the outdoor air. After the cleaning is done, the duct system of your home will be released. Unfortunately the ERV systems are not yet standardized in home construction.

You can now get rid of the harmful polluting agents that infect your home and provide your family the fresh air they deserve. It can also be used in offices and commercial spaces for excellent effects. A research conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency has shown that if the outdoor air entering your home is too less, the level of pollutants can accumulate to dangerous amounts. This may lead to discomfort or even pose a health risk. Unless created with specialized means of ventilation, the houses designed and constructed for reducing the amount of indoor air may have higher levels of pollutants than most of the other homes around.

Certain weather conditions may drastically reduce the amount of outdoor air that enters a house. This leads to pollutants accumulating in those houses. Such houses are then considered ‘leaky’. With the help of the energy recovery ventilator, you can refresh the air you breathe and improve its quality.

How our Energy Recovery Ventilator works

Our energy recovery ventilators are available both as ducted whole home varieties and as standalone units. If you go for the ducted variety, you may make use of the energy efficient heating mechanisms. With the mechanical or ducted ventilation system, you can capture the heat energy which gets lost in outbound air flow and use the air to the inbound heat. It may sound confusing to the layman but our system is very simple to operate and does most of the work on its own.

The energy recovery ventilator is actually a central air system that uses a transfer unit for capturing and regulating the outgoing and incoming flow of air. While the exhaust air is captured in one part of the transfer unit, fresh air flows through the other part. Each of our products is designed with utmost care and are meant to function with absolute smoothness, ensuring a fully satisfying experience for you

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