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Ductless Systems

Looking for solutions to keep your room comfortable throughout the year? Well, there are hundreds of products from different companies to serve the purpose, but only few of these provide proper heating and cooling solutions in the most energy efficient manner. We can advise you on such products and install them at your place, to cool you off during summers or provide cozying warmth in winters.

A ductless system is not only energy efficient but it is a cost effective solution for central air conditioning of your home. The system is slim and can fit onto the wall. It is also more attractive than the common window unit currently present in the market. You can use the ductless systems for better heating and cooling than most other devices. A single outdoor unit is used in this which is connected to multiple units indoor.

How does it work?

The ductless system that we provide uses simple copper tubing and electrical wiring. This tubing and electrical wiring is connected separately with the indoor and the outdoor unit. When in use, the refrigerant is pumped out from the outdoor condenser and compressor into the tubing, which carries it into the indoor units. A fan is used to distribute air on to the evaporator coil. There are refrigerant lines connecting the outdoor and indoor units. As these refrigerant lines are small it is easier to install the ductless system into your home.

The two most common products are the ductless systems, meant for heating and cooling and the mini-split system, which is only meant for cooling.

Why should you choose the product?

These products from Turner’s Service make it easier to control the air entering the room. This is controlled by a thermostat, which in turn is regulated by an infrared remote control. This means, using a single outdoor unit, you can control the indoor units of different rooms at different temperatures suitable for the user.

Common features for these products


  1. Different modes of operation
  2. Auto programmable fan
  3. Oscillating louvers to maintain the balance
  4. Different programmable settings for different products
  5. Adjustable digital thermostat in certain products
  6. LCD display screen with remote
  7. Advanced inverter technology used in few products
  8. Washable air filters used in products that need only maintenance and not installation of a new one

Technology used in most of the products is meant to maximize the comfort and minimize the energy cost. You can consult our team of experts and know the details of the various available products and select the one that fits your budget as well as your home ambience.

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