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Dehumidifiers are a unique solution to high cooling bills. If you have high cooling bills, it’s time for you to obtain a dehumidifier. In a bid to preserve energy, the buildings of the present day are being increasingly constructed in air-tight settings, and thus the buildings themselves are getting more and more air tight. Some of the ways in which people are trying to save energy in their individual homes are:

  • Insulation
  • Storm window
  • Filling of cracks with weather strips
  • Caulking

Unfortunately all the above mentioned techniques make it more difficult for your cooling or heating system to eliminate excessive humidity, irrespective of how up-to-date the technology is. Excessive humidity makes your home feel more and more uncomfortable than normal. In order to get greater comfort levels and better quality of air for inhaling, you need to manage the humidity level of your home. This can be done through dehumidifiers.

The ideal level of humidity in any house is 45%. Although maintaining this level in your house may seem a little difficult, you should try and keep the level as close to 45% as possible. This is something which will not only make your home a comfortable place to live, but will also minimize the presence of contaminating agents such as mildew and mold.

Lowering the setting on the thermostat during the summer months actually enhances your utility bills. In this respect, it is better to go for a dehumidifier, as it offers a more ideal solution. A whole home dehumidifier works towards eliminating the clammy feeling within the house without you having to reduce the indoor temperature. This means you would have to use the cooling system less and end up saving more money.

A dehumidifier is the ideal device for lowering the level of moisture in your home. You will no longer get sticky or sweaty skin, or bad allergies. There won’t be any musty smell or condensation inside the windows and warped wooden floors. If such cases are present in your house, it is time that you go for a dehumidifier. With the help of a dehumidifying system, you will be able to eliminate the unnecessary moisture from the air within the house and improve the quality of your home significantly.

If your present dehumidifier is out of service, you may place a service call with us. Our technicians will get back to you at the earliest with full analysis and consultation. Turner’s Service Co. is here for meeting all your dehumidifying requirements.

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